Bourbon Barrel Shadow Box Wall Display 17×9''

$73.50 $49.00

These unique wall mounted shelves add an authentic and rustic character to any room. Handmade from 100% reclaimed bourbon barrels, they are minimally finished to keep the natural, rustic look of the wood. Only a few short months ago these staves were part of a barrel in arick house, aging premium bourbon. The American Oak wood shows all the natural char marks, hoop ring marks, bung hole, and cooperage markings where appropriate.These authentic, handcrafted shadow boxes are perfect for wall mounting of plants, collectibles, pictures, or other items.The dimensions listed are based on the outside of the piece. The inside dimensions are approximately 2 inches less than the outside measurement. The depth of each box is approximately 2.5" to 3.5". As the boxes increase in size, we do our best to increase the depth to maximize usable display space.They are available in two (2) square sizes and two (rectangle sizes): Square Sizes: 10×10" or 14×14" Rectangle Sizes: 14×8" or 17×9" Material: Reclaimed Kentucky Bourbon Barrel