Bourbon Scented Liquor Bottle Candles Bulleit Whiskey

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These up-cycled Bourbon Liquor Bottle Candles are a unique gift with a unique bourbon scent. Each bourbon scented candle in our liquor bottle candle collection is handcrafted using a special oil mixture that smells like sweet bourbon as the candle is burning. The development of the alcohol bottle candle first started about 20 years ago but have now been perfected with the use of soy wax, wooden wicks, and bourbon scented aromas. The commercialization of the Jack Daniel candle and the Jim Beam candle brought bourbon scented candles into the mainstream and opened up a cottage industry of handmade soy candles. Each of these bourbon scented liquor bottle candles are handmade from discarded Bourbon bottles that are cut, sanded, polished, and poured with soy wax entirely by hand to create the unique liquor bottle candles. These bourbon scented candles make a unique gift for whiskey lovers, or bourbon lovers.Bottle availability occasionally offers the listed brands, but generally our bourbon scented liquor bottle candles can be purchased in these branded bottles.Buffalo Trace Bourbon Liquor Bottle CandleMaker's Mark Bourbon Liquor Bottle CandleWoodford Reserve Bourbon Liquor Bottle CandleEagles Rare Bourbon Liquor Bottle Soy CandleKnob Creek Bourbon Liquor Bottle Soy CandleBulleit Bourbon Liquor Bottle Soy CandleFour Roses Single Barrel Bourbon Liquor Bottle CandleJack Daniel's CandleSPECIFICATIONS:Liquor Bottle Candle contains 24oz of soy waxBurn time is approx 120-200+ hoursHandmade Item from used bourbon liquor bottlesMaterials: Reclaimed BourbonBottle, Single Wick, Bourbon Scented Soy Wax