Circuit Board Steampunk Pen Green

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The way a pen writes, the way it feels in the hand, and the way it looks is an art form all it's own. If you are a "Pen Person," youre in the right place as all of our pens are handcrafted with the highest quality components and most unique woods, skins, and barrels found on the planet. If you are not a "Pen Person," we hope we can change that. Here is the perfect pen for the geek, techie or nerd in your life; a circuit board steampunk pen. Made from a refurbished computer motherboard this circuit board pen is a bolt action style in a Steampunk finish made of antique brass and copper. Here is a pen straight out of Victorian science fiction and the industrial 19th century. The pen fuses a love of old fashioned materials and the usability of modern technology. It features pen head screws, riveted design patterns, replica Gattling gun barrels, a bolt-action mechanism plus a mixture of finishes. The Steampunk pen bolt action is used to extend and retract the Parker style ink cartridge that comes with the pen.The barrel of this circuit board pen is made of genuine circuit board components for ultimate authenticity. Laminated with UV resistant polyester resin for an enduring finish.This circuit board steampunk pen would be a great statement piece to carry daily for any Steampunk enthusiast in your life and would make a wonderful gift for a techie, or gift for a computer person.Refurbished Circuit Board Pen BarrelSteampunk Pen Bolt-action OperatorRollerball Parker Ink RefillSteampunk Pen Copper HardwareItem Ships in "Bourbon & Boots" Burlap BagBlack, Green, Red Circuit Board Pen