Handmade Copper Whiskey Still Kit, 5 Liter Copper Still

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Looking for a whiskey gift for the person serious about home distillation or experimenting with their own whiskeys with a moonshine still? This 5 litercopper still is handmade by master coppersmiths and is a must for any collector, person curious about home distilling, interested in producing their own herbal oils, distilled waters, or simply passionate about experimenting with a home whiskey still. This moonshine still kit is the perfect starting point if you are new to home distilling as is small enough to make quick batches but large enough to get the hang and taste of home distilling. Fermentation is a breeze in 5 liter buckets and the heat up time is quick compared to larger stills. A typical run lasts for a couple of hours and should get you between .5-1 gallons of your preferred spirit. If youre passionate about making your own moonshine, this is definitely the copper pot still for you or if you are just curious about this uniquely ancient craft of whiskey making this is the perfect starter size. For the non-drinker, we've also heard from several customers who have used the alembic still to produce their own distilled water, herbal extracts, or essential oils. The alembic copper still starter kits ships with the following components:Pot The copper pot has a 5 litercapacity with brass handles for easy carrying.Head with Swan Neck The head attaches snugly to the pot and the swan neck connects securely to the condenser.Thermometer The thermometer is rated in Fahrenheit and Celsius and easily screws into the head of the copper still.Condenser It has a nozzle at the top, an outlet for catching moonshine at the bottom, and plenty of coil length inside the condenser to cool alcoholic vapors into moonshine.Product Information:This whiskey still has a graceful shape based on the old ├Čonion design, popular due to its wide spirit distillation capability including, but not limited to distilled water, herbal extracts, herbal oils, Whiskey, Scotch, Rum, Bourbon, Cognac, Schnapps, Tequila, Vodka, or Moonshine.The copper pot still is soldered union construction using brass wire welds for the body and tin-silver solder for smaller connections. All soldering/welding is lead free.This moonshine still kit includes everything that is pictured: still bottom, onion top, condensing unit and thermometer rated in Celsius and Fahrenheit.The stills also come with a 2 year warranty covering defects in manufacturing. However, when treated well, this whiskey moonshine still can last an entire lifetime.Assembled Dimensions: 23"H x 23"L x12"WMaterial: Copper Whiskey StillHandmade by Artisan CoppersmithsNet Weight: 7 lbsNote:Each moonshine still kit is handmade to order by Master Coppersmiths. May take 3-4 weeks for delivery dependent upon backlog, but well worth the wait.