JFK Half Dollar Coin Ring 8 Tails

$73.50 $49.00

These rare & unique handcrafted President John F. Kennedy half dollar coin rings are custom made from standard issue JFK silver half dollars. The coin rings start with a standard issue silver half dollar and are custom crafted into stunning half dollar rings.After production each half dollar coin ring is coated with a protective finish to preserve the intricate detail on the half dollar ring. These are amazing gifts for the patriot in your life that wishes to wear a ring that symbolizes freedom and liberty.You may choose the specific year of the half dollar coin. This is a great way to celebrate and remember birthdays, anniversaries, or other key dates. Each half dollar coin ring is available in a "Heads" side or a "Tails" side of the coin."Heads" – Side profile of JFK with "Liberty" stamps on top of band and date in the back."Tails" – "United States of America" stamped atop the band with the year inside the band.Handcrafted Half Dollar Coin RingCoin Ring Available in "Heads" or "Tails" Side of Half Dollar CoinCustom Made Coin Ring: Typical Delivery is 7-9 Days After Order