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The Scots have their Scotch. Italians, their wine. Russians, their Vodka. In America, weve got our Bourbon. Known as ├ČAmericas Native Spirit, Bourbon whiskey is the only alcohol that is a distinctive product of the United States.This 95 percent corn-based, caramel colored smooth-sipping icon is distilled, aged for years and bottled right here in the Bluegrass State of Kentucky. Bourbon is more than a tasty spirit, its a part of American culture, with a heritage developed by generations of Kentuckians from as early as the late 18th century. The Bourbon Trail is short road trip and stops in on nine of the states distilleries including Makers Mark, Jim Beam, Bulleit, Four Roses, Town Branch, Wild Turkey, Evan Williams, Heaven Hill and Woodford Reserve. The Kentucky Bourbon Trail is a journey that lets you experience the bourbon making process, learn about the recipes, view the facilities, amazingly beautiful surrounding landscapes, and stick around for after-tour tastings of the best Kentucky Bourbon.Along with the Commonwealths famed bourbon distilleries, descriptive notes about the spirit are included as well as frontier trails, state parks, hydrography and even some geology, all overlain on a gorgeous hill shade background.Dimensions: 24 x 36Unframed