Limestone Water Perfect for Bourbon Mixing Water Glass Collector's Bottle

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For the true Bourbon Lover. Ever hear of "Bourbon & Branch", well here is the "Branch" that perfectly compliments the Bourbon. Kentucky's Limestone filtered spring water brings out the flavor nuances of your favorite bourbon with the perfect bourbon mixing water. Unlike tap water or other bottled waters, limestone water brings out the flavor profile of a bourbon rather than altering the profile as most waters do. This is no gimmick, once you pour your favorite bourbon over a frozen ice ball of limestone water you will immediately last the clarity of the bourbon. No iron, no fluorides, just the sweet scents of the bourbon.This Limestone water is drawn from the same network of ancient underground springs that percolate water through limestone rocks used in the making of bourbon. This natural process creates a velvety-smooth taste with absolutely no iron which reactions with bourbon mash. This item is offered in a package of four (4) 1 Liter plastic bottles. This limestone water package is a perfect gift for a bourbon lover, gift for a whiskey lover, or simply a great home bar accessory.Purchase a Whiskey Ball or Large Cube Tray and freeze the limestone water for an amazing whiskey drinking experience.Sold in Packages of (4) 1 Litre Plastic Limestone Mixing Water (Everyday Use)Sold in Packages of (1) 750ml Collectors Glass Edition of Bourbon Mixing Water (Collector)Source: Old Limestone Mixing WaterHandcrafted in Kentucky