Mini Recycled Wine Barrel Stave Sign Wine is Bottled Poetry

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These hand painted wood signs are made from the wood staves of recycled wine barrels. They are great decor for any room in your home and are especially fitting in a bar or a wine cellar, They can be hung on the wall or placed on a shelf, mantle or anywhere you would like. They are easy to hang, all you need is a nail in the wall and the sign has a keyhole drilled in the back for hanging.These signs are made from the staves of American and French oak wine barrels.The signs are hand sanded, stained, painted, and the keyhole is added. Each sign is sealed with a hand rubbed exterior grade tung oil so it can be hung inside or outside.The wood staves we use come from wine barrels that we acquire from wineries throughout the state of Virginia. The front of each sign shows the oak grain and any wine staining from the inside of the barrel. The back shows the marks from where the bands wrapped around the barrel. Each of our signs are unique.The signs measure approximately 18 inches long and are 3.5 – 5 inches wide depending on the stave chosen.