Pink Real Wood Breast Cancer Awareness Women's Pen Default

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For many, a pen is an extension of the person holding it. It jots down ideas, scribbles sweet nothings, signs important documents, and brings words to life.The way a pen writes, the way it feels in the hand, and the way it looks is an art form all it's own. If you are a "Pen Person," youre in the right place as all of our pens are handcrafted with the highest quality components and most unique woods, skins, and barrels found on the planet. If you are not a "Pen Person," we hope we can change that.This is a very beautiful pen celebrating a beautiful cause, the eradication of breast cancer. $5 from each pen sale will be donated directly to the Susan G. Komen foundation.The gorgeous pink pen is made ofDymondwood, a type of wood made from layers of dried birch wood that has been dyed and laminated into a holistic piece of wood. The operator is chrome and the contrast of crystals in the chrome ribbon against the pink wood makes this pen unique.Pink DymondwoodChrome Hardware