Reclaimed Bourbon Bottle & Whiskey Bottle Table Lamp Knob Creek

$133.50 $89.00

Our rare & unique collection of reclaimed bourbon bottle and whiskey bottle lamps have been repurposed from authentic brand label bottles. These liquor bottle lamps feature a reclaimed wood base and signature bare copper wire accent using UL listed lamp parts.The phenom of alcohol liquor bottle lamps actually started with the production of a Jack Daniels lamp over a decade ago. Since then the adoption of whiskey bottle and bourbon bottle lamps as home decor has become a common occurrence.Our bourbon liquor bottle lamps are available in Four Roses, Maker's Mark, Knob Creek, Woodford Reserve, or Bulleit. Our Whiskey liquor bottle lamps are available in Wild Turkey. These liquor bottle lamps make for highly functional lights as well as a piece of Americana (Bourbon & Whiskey Making – an authentic American Endeavor). Whether in the living room, office desk, or man cave these beautiful alcohol lamps aresure to be a conversation starter.Bourbon Bottle and Whiskey Bottle LampsMaterials: Reclaimed Bourbon & Whiskey Bottles & Wood BaseBulb and shade not included.Handcrafted in Kentucky.