Reclaimed Whiskey Barrel Dresser Top Valet Box Default

$328.50 $219.00

Looking for the perfect gift for the man or woman that has everything? This rare handcrafted whiskey barrel "celebration box" was designed to remember life's most important events and is the ultimate gift for a true bourbon lover.This rare Reclaimed Whiskey Barrel Dresser Top Valet is handcrafted with reclaimed bourbon barrel staves and distressed, reclaimed oak stained to match. The valet is hand finished to seal the interior barrel wood's charred patina that preserves the remnants of the barrel's past life of aging fine bourbon. Vintage-style hardware handles and clasps secure the box and add to the heirloom quality.It is designed to be used as a valet for keys, phone, and wallet; an extremely unique cigar humidor; or possible a storage box for the rarest of your finest whiskey, pulled out on special occasion for celebration.Features include:Spanish Cedar lined cigar humidor with cover(4) – 2 ounce shot glassesSpace for a 750ml bottle of your favorite bourbon or whiskey or phone/wallet/keys.Dimensions: 12.75" L x 5" W x 3" H