Reclaimed Wine Barrel Serving Tray & Cheese Board Medium

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Made from reclaimed oak wine barrels that have been retired fromtheir original purpose of aging fine wine, this handcrafted reclaimed wine barrel serving tray and cheese board is an interesting conversation piece, beautiful dí©cor for the kitchen,and a highly functional serving tray.After the wine barrel has finished itswork at the vineyard aging a fine Cabernet, it is reclaimed, takenapart, the staves are cut and assembled, sanded, treated withmineral oil, then sealed with bees wax. The sealing is FDA food safe.The barrel stave wood retains its red stain from the wine that wasaged in the barrel. The contrasts of the dark red color from stave tostave makes each piece unique. Use it as a reclaimed wine barrel serving tray or cheese board, or seasonal display tray. The wine barrel serving tray and cheese board is available in two sizes: medium & large.Reclaimed Wine Barrel Serving Tray and Cheese BoardSource: Sonoma County Reclaimed Wine BarrelsSizes: Medium 12l x 8w, Large 21l x 8wWine Barrel Serving Tray and Chesse Board is Handmade: In California