Silver 9mm Bullet Casing Ring 7

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This unique 9mm Silver Bullet Casing Ring is a stunning representation of bullet jewelry metalwork, integrating a mix of sterling, brass, and crystal with the 9mm shell casing to form a beautiful silver bullet ring. This beautiful silver bullet 9mm casing ring is made out of high quality sterling silver with a 9mm bullet head fitted with a clear Swarovski crystal. This 9mm silver bullet casing ring is as versatile as it comes with the mix of crystalline shine and down home metal. This is a beautiful 9mm bullet casing ring made with high quality .925 sterling silver. A genuine Swarovski crystal is placed in the center of the bullet head.9mm Silver Bullet Casing RingBullet Casing Ring Materials: Sterling, Bullet, Brass, Crystal, SwarovskiHandmade Silver 9mm Bullet Casing Ring in USA