Small Batch Artisan Candy Gift Box Artisan Candy

$36.00 $24.00

Our Treatsie artisan sweets are a box full of artisan candies from five (5) of the best small batch artisan candy makers in the country. Small batch artisan candies are made the old fashioned way – by hand in small batched with naturally sourced ingredients. The small batch confectionary chefs are some of the most skilled artisans that you have never heard of. The result is a very high quality product where the core ingredients can be tasted in every bite (non artisan candy tends to be a pure sugar taste only). Each box has a candy retail value of $40 if the candies were purchased separately. Each artisan sweets candy box contains at least five (5) ndividual sweets from different independent artisan small batch candy makers with typical boxes containing artisan chocolate, hard candies, biscotti, baked brownie sweets, banana nectar pops, and sea salt caramels. Small Batch Artisan Candy, Sweets, & Candies Gift Box Each box is hand packed with and contains up to 16 Oz. of Handmade Artisan Candy.Artisan Candy Gift Boxes are in stock and ship USPS First Class.Great Gift for Valentine's, Gift for Birthday, Gift for Anniversary.