Waco Handcrafted Bear Pewter Wine Stopper Default

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Fierce Beauty The Kodiak Bear (also known as the Alaskan Grizzly Bear) is one of the more intimidating creatures in North America, and range in size from 600 lbs. to nearly 1,500 lbs. In most circumstances, Kodiak bears keep away and attempt to avoid encounters with people. The most notable exceptions to this behavior pattern occur when bears are surprised, threatened, or attracted by human food, garbage, or hunterkilled game.Preserve your wine and champagne longer with this unique Kodiak Bear Wine Bottle Stopper. The Kodiak Bear Wine Bottle Stopper is handcrafted in heavy pewter and paired with a synthetic rubber cork that will never stain or crack. These bottle stoppers are the perfect gift for your college grad, golfing buddy, or wine-connoisseur friends. See our entire collection of Wine Bottle Stoppers today!