WIFI Wooden Wall or Tabletop Decor Sign Wifi Wood Sign

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A word that permeates our daily lives "Wifi". It is short for Wireless Inter Face Interchange. It started in 1971 as a low level radio signal to connect the Hawaiian islands during the time of natural disaster, progressed to a technical alliance by 1985, and by 1995 was a commercially available connection that allowed us to connect to the Internet.It's hard to image life without WIFI. Kids gaming, parents working or checking bank accounts, and even the household streaming Netflix WIFI is a central part of our life whether sitting at the kitchen table or in the car off to see grandma and grandpa.We decided to have a little fun with it and ask our wood sign artisans to produce this humorous sign. Each handcrafted vintage wood sign is approximately 6" x 18" and is sure to be a conversation piece in your home, kitchen, or home office. Wood Sign Wall DecorHandcrafted from Vintage Reclaimed WoodTexas Home Wall Decor Rectangle Size: 6" x 18"Wall Mount or Table TopHandcrafted in USA